Sarah's House

Our Vision

Over the past few years, Texas has lost over 15% of its maternity homes. The downturn in the economy affected both the individual supporters, as well as the churches’ mission budgets that were a vital piece of our income and support. Since that time, the maternity homes across our state have struggled to reopen, once again offering hope in a stable and nurturing environment for pregnant, homeless women. 

Don’t be mistaken: the number of calls for help has not decreased, only the ability to provide the much needed and critical piece of housing for these desperate women. It is time for the Austin community to come together to reopen this lifesaving maternity home to support the women and children in need in our community.

How can you help?
  • Talk to your church or pastor about becoming a supporting link
  • Volunteer with our ministry and become a part of our growth
  • Look at your circle of influence and introduce the home to a group that wants to help 

We have speakers, teachers, and testimonies to share with you. Just ask! We have to do more than tell these women “Don’t Abort.” It’s time to become part of the solution and love them as Christ does.