How We've Helped Pregnant Women in Need

Read Stories of Hope, told in their own words by women whom Breath of Life has helped. Do you need our help? 

I Could Tell You About My Childhood
I could tell you about my childhood; I could tell you about every bad and horrible situation I have been in. I could make you pity me, and perhaps even make you shed a few tears, because we all know life isn’t fair. Not to mention the world we live in would make you forget how many scriptures God devoted specifically to widows and orphans. Society will make you feel like your life has no value. ​

I Was a Pregnant Teenager
​Teen pregnancies are the sort of thing you wish was just a bad dream you could wake up from. And sometimes, no matter how much you wish this didn’t happen to you, it just did. When I first found out I was pregnant, I was in pure shock and felt like my world froze around me. The worst part was having to break the news to my parents. My parents, who thought I was their innocent, Sunday school-teaching, worship team-playing daughter. I almost would rather throw myself in front of a car than confront them with the news.

Why We Need Your Help for Pregnant Women in Need of Housing and Hope

With your help, Breath of Life has been helping single, pregnant women in need of housing and hope since 2000. Of those women:
  • 88% were homeless
  • 73% moved forward in their education
  • 70% received vocational training
  • 73% chose single parenting
  • 27% chose adoption
  • 47% accepted Christ
  • 50% moved forward in their relationship with Christ

What We Provide


The heart of Breath of Life is housing pregnant moms. We maintain the only comprehensive list of maternity homes in Texas and are re-opening our own "Sarah's House" maternity home as soon as funds permit.


Our staff and volunteers nurture a relationship with each mom. We help her find prenatal care and help get her to the appointments. We advise her on adoption and parenting. We are there for delivery and the trials after delivery.


We are using the knowledge, experience, and resources God has given us to prepare others for working within a maternity ministry. We have trained homes and individuals on-site in Ukraine, Romania, and Brazil. From here we have worked with the directors of homes in Morocco, Hong Kong, and India.

What You Can Do


Individuals: We encourage you to see how God might call you to join with us to help these precious mothers-to-be as they create a firm foundation for their little ones. By signing up for our email list, you can learn about current needs and help us pray.
Churches: Allow us to connect with your congregation and small groups and provide ministry opportunities. Invite "Sarah's Song", a ministry of music, drama, multimedia and dance to perform at your church.


Whatever your talents, you can help with Breath of Life. Our volunteers help at the office, at fundraisers, and with technology. They provide shelter, and most of all, THEY PRAY.

Sign up to learn about opportunites, or contact us to offer your talents and resources. We would love to hear your ideas.


Our moms-to-be have daily physical needs. Without your contribution, our work is impossible. Please consider donating to Breath of Life today.

Need Help?

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